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Forum Artium  Mastercourses

Forum artium, the North German centre for musical studies, is established in a municipal heritage building dating back to the turn of the last century. During the years 1988/89 it underwent a fundamental and very complex restoration. After completion of the renovation the Institute has been managed under the patronage of a recognized and registered non-profit association.Due to its well-equipped facilities and its very individual atmosphere, Forum artium offers ideal conditions for pleasant and successful studies and in-house lodging during courses and seminars.The study centre Forum artium promotes musical education and it organises on a regular basis master courses and seminars, particularly within the range of performance practice of Old Music. It is open to interested participants from the entire German speaking area as well as from foreign countries. The patronage of Forum artium sees its task exclusively in the promotion of musical art and culture.




Terms and conditions

and course conditions


Registration and admittance

A written course registration by post, fax or e-mail is legally binding, regardless of any (deposit) payments made up to this point or later. Course admission is initially conditional upon receipt, and finally only after the consent of the respective lecturer. Immediately after the course registration, a written confirmation by the Forum Artium will be sent by e-mail.



The registration deadline for all courses is usually four weeks before the start of the course. Later registrations are possible after consultation (by e-mail or telephone) with the Forum Artium.


Course repertoire

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the course repertoire for the courses can be freely chosen. Please specify course works in detail when registering.


Course Details

The given course dates indicate the first and last day of the course or the day of arrival and departure. As a rule, the courses start and end in the early afternoon. Deviations from this are possible and will be announced in good time. Detailed information on the course schedule, arrival and a list of participants will be provided approximately three weeks before the start of the course.


Costs and course fees

The costs for the courses and for accommodation including four meals are shown separately for all events. The course fee includes the costs for accident insurance for the duration of your stay at Forum Artium. The accommodation and meals of the course participants take place in the Forum Artium or in the neighboring building. Services include: accommodation, breakfast, lunch, coffee/cake and dinner. Accommodation is usually in double rooms, in exceptional cases in triple rooms. Single rooms are limited on request and possible for an extra charge of 25,- € per day.

In case of late arrival or early departure to or from the course, the costs for unused services of Forum Artium cannot be refunded. A reduction of the course or seminar fees is also excluded in such cases.

For course participants who do not or only to a very limited extent use the accommodation and meals in the Forum Artium, a surcharge of 25% for the use of the Forum Artium will be charged on the course fees, as these costs are not included in the course fees.

With the course registration, a deposit of 100,- € is due, which must be transferred to the account of Forum Artium with a clear indication of the course number and the participants name. Forum Artium will provide the necessary bank details with the course confirmation after receipt of the course registration. This deposit will be deducted in full from the course fees. The remaining amount should be transferred to the account of Forum Artium up to two weeks before the start of the course, but is latest due in cash at the start of the course.

All courses are discounted for students and pupils as indicated. If this discount is claimed, proof of eligibility must be presented at the time of registration, but at the latest at the time of the final invoice. Registered members of the Förderverein Forum Artium receive a discount of approx. 10% of the course fees.


Cancellation of the course/cancellation fees

The course registration is legally binding upon receipt of the registration form. In the event of withdrawal from the registration, the registration fee will be forfeited. In the event of timely withdrawal no later than four weeks before the start of the course, it can - in exceptional cases and after consultation with Forum Artium - be transferred to a later course in the same calendar year.

Course participants who withdraw their registration, for whatever reason, later than four weeks before the start of the course, undertake to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the total costs shown. Participants who withdraw their registration for any reason later than one calendar week before the start of the course or who do not shopw up undertake to pay the entire stated fees (course fees and costs for accommodation/meals).

If a course is cancelled or has to be postponed due to lack of participants, Forum Artium reserves the right to announce this at short notice at least one week before the start of the course. Claims caused by a possible course cancellation (also short-term e.g. due to illness of the course leader) are not accepted by Forum Artium. In case of cancellation of the course by Forum Artium, all (deposit) payments made up to that point will be refunded.



To a very limited extent, the Forum Artium awards scholarships or partial scholarships annually, which are limited solely to the course fees. A scholarship can only be applied for at latest up to eight weeks before the start of the course and only by means of an informal written application with detailed justification.


Photo Release Statement

By registering for a course, you simultaneously agree that Forum Artium may publish photos of course participants taken in connection with a course and concert participation in all media and for advertising purposes without temporal, local and content restrictions. If you do not wish this, please notify us accordingly in writing.


For further information please contact:
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