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Forum Artium  Mastercourses

Forum artium, the North German centre for musical studies, is established in a municipal heritage building dating back to the turn of the last century. During the years 1988/89 it underwent a fundamental and very complex restoration. After completion of the renovation the Institute has been managed under the patronage of a recognized and registered non-profit association.Due to its well-equipped facilities and its very individual atmosphere, Forum artium offers ideal conditions for pleasant and successful studies and in-house lodging during courses and seminars.The study centre Forum artium promotes musical education and it organises on a regular basis master courses and seminars, particularly within the range of performance practice of Old Music. It is open to interested participants from the entire German speaking area as well as from foreign countries. The patronage of Forum artium sees its task exclusively in the promotion of musical art and culture.


Course conditions

Admittance to the course takes place in sequence of receipt of submitted entry forms, and is subject to agreement by the lecturer or course leader. Upon receipt of the registration fee of 100, - Euro, Forum Artium will send a written confirmation of the registration. Please transfer the registration fee to the bank account of Forum Artium.
This registration fee is fully deductible from the course fee. The remaining course fee amount should be trans-ferred to the above-mentioned account 14 days before the beginning date of the course. At the latest, it is due in cash at the beginning of the course. In case of late arrival and/or earlier departure to and/or from the course, the costs for board and lodging for non-participating days cannot be refunded.A reduction of the course fee is not possible either in such case. For class participants who do not, or who only make limited use of Forum Artium's overnight accommodation and food facilities, there will be a cover surcharge of 30% on the course fee, since these costs are not calculated in the course fees. In case of cancellation of a registration, the registration fee will under no circumstances be refunded.

Class participants who for whatever reason cancel their registration later than four weeks before the beginning date of a course, commit themselves by their signature on the registration form to the payment of a cancellation fee of 50% of the total course costs comprising fee plus accommodation.

Class participants who for whatever reason cancel their registration later than ohne week before the beginning date of a course or refrain from participation without any advance notice, commit themselves by their signature on the registration form to the payment of the entire fees and costs according to their registration.
If the course should not be held due to a non sufficient number of participants or due to illness of the lecturer, all payments made so far will be fully refunded.

For further information please contact:
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Mr. Herbert Vieth

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